Remote ON/OFF

  • Not only can you switch the pumping system on and off remotely but one have full access to operating conditions and important information that may influence your decisions to pump or not to pump
  • No more wondering about should I switch
  • No more wondering why a pump is off


Electrical and Hydraulic Network Status

  • If you know what is going on at site, you can decide what is the best action
  • One knows when to call for assistance with the electrical supply
  • Piping, filtration or irrigation system can be attended to immediately
  • One knows all is well and can sleep peacefully


Live Display

  • Operating conditions can be maintained at a glance every day, all day
  • One can confirm that the pump system is giving the expected results without driving out to site or spending unnecessary resources to obtain operating information


Alerts and Alarms

  • Smarta will send immediate alerts when something is not according to expectations
  • You can use the Smarta system to send an alert when desired flow rates, borehole water levels and/or reservoir contents are not observed
  • Smarta will send alarms if dangerous conditions are experienced such as dry running, burst pipes, bad electrical supply or blocked irrigation system



  • Smarta keeps a record of the operating conditions and will provide you with information that is required to plan watering needs
  • Pumping volumes, flow rates, water tables and electrical supply information that is required to plan watering needs
  • Operating costs can be reduced by detecting a decline in pump efficiency, changes in water levels and/or changes in piping and irrigation behaviour


Multiple users, Secure Site, Flexible

  • You can rest assured that your information is safe
  • You can set up Smarta to be viewed or managed by whomever you choose
  • Changing your needs is as easy as a phone call away-no need to attend to anything onsite


Total control – everyday, everywhere

  • You know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it – SMARTER
  • You do not have to worry about making decisions – you have all the information available – SIMPLE
  • You can be on vacation at the seaside and still be part of the decision making team back home – RELIABLE


Lower Operating Costs

  • By being informed of all operating conditions on site, you can make informed decisions with regard to system efficiency, which will reduce your electricity bill
  • Pumps and pumping system components can be optimized to reduce future costs
  • Maintenance planning will reduce system wear and premature failures that will cause unnecessary down time
  • Smarta optimizes your water resource usage


Increased Life Span of Water Network

  • Water level warning and power consumption indication will avoid damage to pumps and motors
  • Smarta detects unbalanced electrical supply conditions to help you reduce motor wear
  • Unauthorised starting and stopping can be prevented to reduce water hammer and wear
  • Maintenance can be planned and executed timeously


Smarta – Peace of Mind

  • Smarta provides access to all important information every time, every day, everywhere
  • Intelligent decisions will extend the life span of your assets


Try our DEMO account and see the reports for yourself, change settings and explore the SMARTA system.

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